2,647 total NFTs
Real Estate
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Current price

75 USDC($100.00)

Property Price

$264,700 USD

5 Year Expected Return


Dividend Yield


Current Token Price



2 income streams: monthly payouts & asset liquidation after 5 years
Monthly payouts
Asset price$ USD
Annual income$31,746 USD
Annual expenses-$3,175 USD
Monthly payout pool$2,381 USD
Monthly payout per NFT$0.90 USD
Annual payout$10.79 USD
5 year payout$53.97 USD

Total payout per token$150.73 USD
Yield ($75 USD token)101%
Yield ($100 USD token)51%
Asset appreciation
Asset price$264,700 USD
Asset price 5 years$348,000 USD
5% sales comission-$17,400 USD
3% closing costs-$10,440 USD
Weset 20% commission-$64,032 USD
Asset value (pool)$256,128 USD
Payout per token$97 USD

Please note that these figures are estimates, and actual income may vary.

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Developer & property manager

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Developer: GMB Prosperity Partner.


Backed by a seasoned builder with a proven track record of over fifteen years in the real estate industry, including international awards like the 'International Travel & Tourism Digital Impact Awards' and 'Best Mixed Use Development Mexico,' investing in the IT Building offers a secure opportunity to be a part of a thriving legacy in Mexico's Riviera Maya.

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Rest assured in the hands of Weset as your property manager for the IT Building, benefiting from our exceptional track record boasting a 4.91-star review, 95% occupancy rate, and esteemed superhost status, ensuring your investment receives top-notch care and optimal returns.